4 Secrets Our Yoga & Holistic Practitioner Clients Use To Build
An Authentic Lifestyle Coaching Business That Is Spiritually & Financially Abundant

(Even if Nobody Has Heard of Them)

If You Are A Talented Yoga Or Holistic Practitioner, And You Are Looking To Build An Authentic Lifestyle Coaching Business…

You Are In The Right Place.  

In This Video Masterclass You’ll Discover…

– The simple blueprint our clients are using to build an authentic coaching program that is spiritually and financially abundant…even if nobody has heard of them.

– How making 6 simple “shifts” in your mindset will allow you to TRULY live your purpose and build the business you were always meant to have.

– The ONE thing you need that will replace all the blogging, social media posting, ebook writing, You-tubing, SEO, new website building, and all the other marketing “stuff” that nobody likes to do.

– Why spending the next few months (or years) “building an audience”, getting a few more degrees and letters after your name, and getting “famous” is the exact WRONG strategy to follow…and how there is a QUICKER and SIMPLER way to build a successful coaching business.

– And how to do all of this from anywhere in the world, and still serve your clients with authenticity and integrity while deliver incredible outcomes.


Over the last 15 plus years, Kulin has helped Celebrities, Experts, Coaches, Consultants,& Service Providers across the globe exponentially grow their businesses

“Kulin has helped me double my business in less than one year”
– Cameron Alborzian